Focusing Tip #616 – “I’m wondering if I have a block that I can’t detect”

Focusing Tip #616 – “I’m wondering if I have a block that I can’t detect”
July 11, 2018 Ann Weiser Cornell
I'm wondering if I have a block that I can't detect

Focusing Tip #616 – “I’m wondering if I have a block that I can’t detect.”

Wondering how to invite the missing part that’s the real key to changing your life? Read on…


Jim writes:

I’m wondering if I have a block that I can’t detect. The only “evidence” I have for the block’s existence is my inability to achieve an important goal. But then, maybe the goal is unrealistic, or maybe I’m actually not wanting the goal for a good reason on a deeper level. Can you offer any insight? A possible course of action?

Dear Jim:

Yes, it’s quite possible to have a block that you can’t detect. In other words, you may be blocked and be unable to feel or hear the blocking part of you.

This is actually one of the most life-changing discoveries I’ve ever made — and I’m talking now about what has changed my life the most.

I had writer’s block for years, and I was miserable. I just knew my destiny was to write. I felt that my block to writing easily was the main thing that kept my whole life from moving forward. But even Focusing didn’t help me shift the block.

And yes I did have thoughts like, “Maybe I’m wrong about writing being my destiny, or maybe I’m wanting it for the wrong reason…” etc. I see now that those thoughts came from a part of me that was fruitlessly trying to help.

On the day that changed my life forever, I sat down to do Focusing with my Focusing partner, and I told her, “Today I want to try something different. I want to try inviting the part of me that doesn’t want to write.”

I could only assume that such a part must exist. It was like detecting the existence of a planet from the orbits of other planets.

I closed my eyes, brought awareness into my body, and sent the invitation out “somewhere.” – “To the part of me that doesn’t want to write, wherever you are, I’d like to get to know you better.”

And then it showed up, very slowly in my body, at first very unclear. Thank goodness I had a Focusing partner because otherwise I wouldn’t have had the patience! (I tell the story of that day in this videos below.)

The reason Focusing hadn’t worked before is that I wasn’t asking the right question. I kept Focusing on how bad it felt not to be able to write. It wasn’t until I asked for the “missing part” that my whole life began to transform.


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