Focusing & The More

Do you want to really know you are part of something larger? Join…

Focusing & The More

a 4-week live online course with Ann Weiser Cornell and Peter Gill to explore how inner awareness can connect you to the spiritual dimension

We long to feel connected to something larger than ourselves.

When you gaze up at the stars at night, do you have a sense of being a loved and cherished part of a larger compassionate system?

Or do you feel small and insignificant, and that the universe is cold, chaotic, and uncaring?

Here’s what I’ve learned: The difference between these two worldviews is not an intellectual decision. It’s something you can feel in the wisdom of your body.

When life gets hard, you need your sense of something larger even more…

There are times when life can feel impossible. Too many challenges, too much struggle. In those moments, trusting you can lean into the larger system becomes even more precious. I’ve survived some of the hardest times in my life by knowing I was supported by a vast web of interconnection. When I’ve needed it the most, the spiritual dimension has been there for me.

Feelings of disconnection seem like proof that you’re alone, and yet…

Your feelings of alienation and separation say more about your past than about the truth of what is around you now. When kids are hurt or ignored, they try to make sense of the world by seeing it as a cold and uncaring place. But the experience of wholeness has been patiently waiting for you to become aware of it, all this time.

There is a way to consistently tune into a vast presence in your life.

It starts with learning to trust the deep inner knowing in your body, the “inner sense of rightness” that’s built into all living beings from before birth. By trusting and following the knowing within, you can open up to experiences of being held and cared about by what is larger than yourself. These experiences have a universal quality and yet they are also unique to you.

What is “The More”?

I don’t really know what word to use for this experience. “Spiritual” has different connotations for different people. So does “transcendent” or “transpersonal.” Edwin McMahon and Peter Campbell call it the “Greater Wholeness.” Eugene Gendlin talks about “The Bigger System.”

Out of respect for all these various descriptions, I decided to call it “The More.”

I was raised Christian, and I respect all spiritual traditions. But The More doesn’t seem to have a flavor of a particular religion. It’s neutral as to whether God or other spiritual beings exist. People can have their own beliefs and practices and still tap into The More, which is like a fabric of interconnection that we are all part of… and can all feel, if we try.

Actually, I didn’t discover it through a particular set of teachings or doctrines. I stumbled onto The More through learning to trust my own felt sense of rightness.

Why I Created this Course

When I first learned Focusing, my sessions were all about my troubled feelings and my tangled life issues. But sometimes I’d find myself having a different kind of experience. I’d feel light and expanded, in touch with a broad, universal energy. Bigger than my troubles. As if the Focusing had opened a door into a much larger space.

In 1994 I decided to explore these experiences. Wherever I went on my travels, I deliberately sought out sacred spaces, and explored my embodied felt sense when I visited them. In September of that year, visiting sacred sites in Glastonbury, England, I was led by The More to stop using alcohol addictively, an experience that completely changed my life.

Learning through practice to trust this inner sense of something vastly larger has helped me step out into the unknown, helped me feel supported in making choices and taking steps that would otherwise be too scary to take. It has helped me source my choices and actions in a felt sense of what’s right for the larger system, not just myself. It has allowed me to know that I am never really alone.

“Your physically felt body is in fact part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people–in fact, the whole universe.”

― Eugene Gendlin

Join me and Peter Gill in this course where we’ll show you how:

  • Focusing inwardly can open you up to a vast universe of interconnectedness
  • Focusing helps you experience the symbols and texts from different spiritual traditions in an embodied and meaningful way
  • You can create your own symbols and practices for bringing The More into your daily life
  • Focusing helps you heal the wounds from religious teachings that were given from control and fear rather than from love and trust
  • And more!

This course could be right for you if:

  • You’ve ever struggled with feelings of disconnection and existential loneliness
  • You feel you want to deepen your access to the interconnected spiritual dimension of life
  • You want to develop an embodied process for tapping into resources that support you in creating more presence, empowerment, and confidence in your life

What You’ll Get:

In this course, you’ll experience a series of comfortable, grounded processes for accessing the spiritual side of embodied awareness… in a way that you can trust more and more

Not only that, but you’ll connect to a community of people who are also exploring the spiritual side of inner sensing, each in their own unique way.

The result: the possibility of making your awareness of The More a trusted and supportive part of your life from now on.

About Your Teacher

Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD, is the co-developer (with Barbara McGavin) of Inner Relationship Focusing. Ann learned Focusing in 1972 from its developer, Eugene Gendlin, and was his close friend and colleague to the end of his life.

Ann has written several definitive books on Focusing, including The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing, and Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change.

She has taught Inner Relationship Focusing around the world since 1980, and is a past president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology.

“As compassionate and loving as you are to your inner parts, there is something larger than you that holds you in that same compassion and love.”

― Ann Weiser Cornell

Are you ready to explore the spiritual side of embodied awareness?

Let’s do it together!

Experience The More in Your Own Body

Learn to Trust What You Know

Discover How the Larger System Supports You

Enroll for Your Course Here

Focusing and The More

Focusing and The More


January 24 to February 21 (skip Feb 7)
4 Mondays: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Time
Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell and Peter Gill. Live Online Course


Payment and additional details

Cost: $200
Don’t Miss Out: The last day to register is January 17

Can’t make this time? You can register and participate by listening to recordings of the course each week at a time that works with your schedule. But you won’t be eligible for CE units.

Repeating the course? If you took this course with us last year, and you’re wondering if it will be exactly the same: No, it won’t be. We’re taking a fresh look, and coming up with some new exercises and processes. But the calm, open, sharing atmosphere will be the same. Repeaters can get a discount: email Allison to request the coupon code.


Need a Little Help Deciding?

Want to get a first-hand experience of what this course can offer you? Watch a video of our free one-hour webinar where you’ll:

  • invite the enjoyable experience of being part of a larger interconnected world
  • get a glimpse of the many different ways of experiencing the spiritual side of Focusing
  • discover how to ask a question of The More, such as “What is asked of me?”

Get a Taste in this One-Hour Webinar

“You are as much an extraordinary phenomenon of nature as trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the flickering of fire, the arrangement of the stars, and the form of a galaxy. You are just like that, and there is nothing wrong with you at all.”

― Alan Watts

Additional Information

How Online Courses Work

We use Zoom, an online video conference platform, to connect you to other students and the teacher. Before the class starts you will receive a Zoom link to use each time the class meets. You can join us via your camera-equipped computer, tablet, or smart phone. Prefer not to be on video? You can turn off your camera. Don’t want to call via computer? You can call in by phone. Zoom is free and easy to use. You will be able to sign on in advance to make sure you can access it, but we’ve had very few problems with it. Students also receive access to a private webpage where course materials can be found.


There is no prerequisite for this course. All are welcome.

Continuing Education Credit & Course Completion Certificate

Course meets the qualifications for 8 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Focusing Resources, CAMFT Approved CE Provider #62524

Focusing Resources is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs. Focusing Resources maintains responsibility for this course and its content.

There is a $25 administrative fee for CE units. Course completion certificates are awarded at the end of the course upon completion of all requirements and the course evaluation. (If you don’t want CE units but would like a completion certificate, the $25 fee does still apply.)

Eligibility for CE units requires at least 80% live attendance. If you miss a class, it must be made up.

Cancellations, Changes & Refunds

Up to 14 days before the first day of class: Just let us know and we'll refund your course fee. Or you can choose to apply the entire course fee towards a future class with us.

Cancellations received 13 days or fewer before class begins: No refund, sorry.

When Something Doesn't Go As You'd Hoped...

We are always open to discussing experiences with our courses that didn’t work for you or didn’t go the way you expected. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to email your course instructor, the staff member in charge of your course, or Ann Weiser Cornell. Email addresses for all these people will be supplied on registration. We will work with you to find a way to meet your needs.

Do I need to attend every class meeting?

You can enroll in this course and listen to the recordings that are available 1-2 days after each class meeting. We call this remote attendance. Please Note: If you attend remotely, you are ineligible for CEUs.

Is this a course with partnership practice?

No, partnerships are not available for this course.

Tell me more about the classroom environment and how course content is provided?

Sure. This course is taught using an online video conference system called Zoom. You’ll receive all the details you need to join us via Zoom prior to the first class meeting. You’ll also receive access to our course platform (Ruzuku) where homework assignments and class recordings can be found. Participants will be able to communicate via an online forum in Ruzuku.

Tell me more about the recordings for this course

To respect the confidentiality and privacy of our participants we do not provide video recordings of our classes. All recordings are provided as audio files.



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