October 25 2005

October 25 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

Focusing offers a fresh way of approaching all the issues in our lives, not mired in the familiar stuck process, but sensing how it is NOW… and letting ourselves be surprised!

It’s Not What You Think

Julie came to the second day of a Focusing workshop and told us an exciting story.

That morning, she had felt grumpy and irritated, thinking about all the things her husband wasn’t doing “right.” In the shower she realized she was stuck in an old routine — and she decided to do some Focusing. She acknowledged what she was feeling and asked her body for the fresh, right-now feeling of all that. What came up totally surprised her!

Dropping down below all the picky little irritated feelings, Julie felt an enormous body feeling of love for her husband! It’s like her body was telling her: This is what’s REALLY here.

Before leaving for the workshop, she gave her husband a big hug and felt how glad she was to have him in her life.

Letting Ourselves Be Surprised

Focusing doesn’t MAKE us feel good.

The reason that Focusing so often DOES feel good, is that we are tapping into the fresh, right-now feeling of life process moving forward. And to do that, we need to let ourselves be surprised.

You might THINK you know what your feelings are and what they mean … but if you really did know, they would have changed already! The fact that they are still here means that there is something more to hear, something more to learn… And the best attitude for listening to ourselves is an attitude of not-knowing, a willingness to be surprised.


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