Focusing Tip #638 – “Sometimes I need to slow down”

Focusing Tip #638 – “Sometimes I need to slow down”
January 3, 2019 Ann Weiser Cornell
"As a result of delving so deeply into Focusing in a short amount of time, it’s as if I’ve opened the floodgates..."

Focusing Tip #638 – “Sometimes I need to slow down”

Are the life changes coming so fast you feel the need to slow things down? Read on…

Mark writes:

So, I’ve been doing Focusing for, I think, 6 months to a year now. And I’ve really delved deeply into it, pretty quickly. As a result, gosh, there have just been so many life-changing benefits. My whole life has changed for the better, even though I’m now dealing with a lot of tough feelings that I’ve become aware of.

So as a result of delving so deeply into Focusing in a short amount of time, it’s as if I’ve opened the floodgates, so to speak. Sometimes I get the sense that I need to slow down. But if I revert back to old habits (pushing things away, not processing or acknowledging feelings, living in my head, etc etc), that doesn’t work either because then I feel overwhelmed and like I’m not living in a Focusing way anymore.

Dear Mark:

Sometimes you get the sense that you need to slow down. I would trust that!

And luckily, it is possible to slow down. It can even be helpful!

The catch is that you have been “reverting to old habits” as a means of slowing down, and that isn’t working very well for you.

Pausing… taking time to breathe… feeling your lower body supported and in contact… These can be great ways to slow down.

Also, it’s good to know that you don’t have to process everything you feel right away. Just because you know that a feeling or reaction could be processed, that doesn’t mean you have to do it right now!

“I am acknowledging there is a lot here… and I’m sensing that now is not the right time to process it, I have a greater need for rest right now… so I’m letting it know I will be back with it another time…”

You might also acknowledge that part of you that is feeling the need to push things away. That part of you might need some gentle attention… perhaps it will let you know what is getting it so overwhelmed.

You’re growing in your sense of trust in your process… and it’s great to know you can even trust the need to slow down!


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