Focusing Tip #639 – “Can I make progress with Focusing in 50 minute sessions?”

Focusing Tip #639 – “Can I make progress with Focusing in 50 minute sessions?”
January 9, 2019 Ann Weiser Cornell
Enough time for Focusing

Focusing Tip #639 – “Can I make progress with Focusing in 50 minute sessions?”

What if you’re distracted and feel rushed in therapy sessions because there’s not enough time to go deep? Read on…

Dorine writes:

I have been working with a therapist who introduced me to Focusing. The Focusing had helped me to connect with my inner child who has needed acknowledging, reconnecting, healing, me feeling her presence, etc., as a result of childhood physical and emotional trauma I experienced. Focusing has been tremendously helpful.

However, during my 50 minutes of therapy I get extremely distracted and rushed because as soon as we begin to get to the meat of things, it is time for the session to end. Basically, I feel the limitation of the session time is a distraction for me to really go deeper because I am thinking about the time. Can I make progress with Focusing in 50 minute sessions?

Dear Michelle:

So… it’s interesting that you ask if you can make progress with Focusing in 50-minute sessions. Because clearly you have made progress!

My guess is that the feelings of being extremely distracted because of limited time come from a part of you that needs to be acknowledged. “Something in me is feeling distracted right now because it is worried there won’t be enough time.” Just giving voice to that part of you might help it relax.

Or you might spend time sensing what it is really worried about. The feeling of needing more time may be what’s on the surface, when what is deeper is something to be discovered. Perhaps — just guessing — there is a very “needy” part of you that is afraid nothing will ever be enough.

Focusing doesn’t necessarily need a lot of time. I’ve had amazing shifts in just ten minutes! After all, the change can happen in a moment.

So glad you have a therapist who does Focusing with you! And that you yourself are so committed to your healing and growth.


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