Focusing Tip #671 – “I feel tired all the time”

Focusing Tip #671 – “I feel tired all the time”
September 4, 2019 Ann Weiser Cornell
Focusing Tip Always Tired

Focusing Tip #671 – “I feel tired all the time”

How can you listen to your tiredness and find out what it is really about? Read on…

A Reader writes:

I have a question regarding feeling tired. I often find myself very tired and weary, sometimes, just with hours after getting up in the morning and with a seemingly pretty good sleep. Every day I get up and worry how I am going to feel today. Is there any Focusing technique that will help?

Dear Reader:

One thing I love is that our body is giving us messages all the time. Those messages are always somehow an answer to the question, “How am I?”

Your body is giving you a lot of messages that you are tired and weary. What will you do with those messages? I would suggest that you take them seriously.

Tiredness that persists over time without an obvious cause can be a symptom of an illness or physical condition. It’s probably a good idea to check with your medical professional to rule out physical causes.

Even if not caused physically, a persistent feeling of tiredness and weariness is likely to be a message about something in your life. We would not want to simply make the tiredness go away without first receiving its message.

You can sit down quietly with yourself… get grounded in your body awareness… and sense the feeling of tiredness. Check if the word “tiredness” is a good word for it, or if another word fits even better.

Now say the words:

“Something in me is tired about something, or tired of something.”

And then wait. If the tiredness is about something, you will start to get a feeling of what that is. (Don’t force it. Patience is needed!)

This part of you might be:

  • tired of conflict
  • tired of working without a sense of joy
  • tired of being told to be quiet
  • there are so many possibilities!

And here is the important thing: Even if this part of you is tired of something that cannot be changed, it is really important to let it know you hear it, not to argue with it or explain that that can’t be changed.

Just say to it: “I really hear you are tired about that.” And wait again. You will probably get a sense of relief, and some new step… from it.


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