Focusing Tip #624 – “Can you ‘overtrain’ Focusing? Do too much?”

Focusing Tip #624 – “Can you ‘overtrain’ Focusing? Do too much?”
September 12, 2018 Ann Weiser Cornell
"Does this "resistance to Focusing" dissolve with time?"

Focusing Tip #624 – “Can you ‘overtrain’ Focusing? Do too much?”

When you don’t feel like doing Focusing, is that a ‘resistance’ to be worked with? Read on…

Miro writes:

Can you “overtrain” Focusing?

I notice I often don’t feel like doing Focusing, especially if I did it yesterday. I seem to need a break between Focusing sessions which needs to last at least one day, or longer. Does this “resistance to Focusing” dissolve with time? Or do we have limited mental capacity to do Focusing? Or should I do Focusing centered around this feeling that I’m overtrained?

Dear Miro:

Yes, I’ve observed that same thing in myself and others. If I have done Focusing recently I often don’t feel like doing it again right away.

To me this is a natural phenomenon, like not being able to eat right after dinner, or not being able to sleep when we’ve had enough sleep. The body knows what we need!

What this means is that we cannot ever do Focusing “too much.” I love that!

Yes, there could be such a thing as “resistance to Focusing.” But that’s not the same as what you are talking about. You are talking about not feeling like doing Focusing because we have recently done it. “I’m all Focused out for now,” as I heard one person say.

But there could also be a part of us that is scared of what we will find if we get quiet and listen inwardly. That part might send distractions when it is Focusing time. If you realize that that is happening, the thing to do is say Hello to the reluctant part, and spend time listening to what it is worried about.

Having a regular Focusing partner helps a lot with this issue! If I have an appointment with a partner, I am much more likely to do my own Focusing!


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