• Learning Focusing Audio Set

    - by admin

    Great for beginners. Focusing can help you stop the repetitive cycles and start to cultivate more calm in your life. It’s easier than you might think.

    With this audio set, you’ll have a process that helps you listen in a Focusing way so that your stuck emotions and thoughts start to loosen their grip with less effort on your part.

  • 21 Days to Healthier Boundaries

    - by Shannon

    If you want a straightforward, step-by-step process you can use to be empowered setting your boundaries, to feel less guilt, frustration, or fear, then 21 Days to Healthier Boundaries is for you. With this eBook, you’ll learn to identify healthy boundaries and develop the skills to set them with kindness and clarity.

  • At the Crossroads - Making Your Way to Calm, Clear Decisions

    At the Crossroads: a 5-Week Audio Course with Ann Weiser Cornell

    - by Shannon

    When decisions seem to pull you apart, Focusing can help you come back together again. Discover the practical steps to making decisions with your whole self.

    Get started with the At the Crossroads Audio Set!

  • The Focusing & Thinking Series with Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell

    - by admin

    A full catalog of Audio Seminars.

    These courses present the wealth of wisdom that Gene Gendlin has to offer on bringing the Focusing process to a variety of fascinating topics like dreams, relationships, therapy, and more. Ann is present to offer her own insights and to help shed light on Gene’s more complex thoughts.

  • Focusing Alone CD Set Cover Image

    Focusing Alone: a 5-Week Audio Course with Ann Weiser Cornell

    - by Shannon

    Do you wish you could do Focusing by yourself more easily? When your attempts at solo Focusing seem to fail, and you don’t know what to do, we’ve got you covered! Discover the simple solutions to your solo Focusing struggles.

    Get started with the Focusing Alone Audio Set

  • Holding On and Letting Go

    Holding On and Letting Go: a 5-Week Audio Course with Ann Weiser Cornell

    - by Shannon

    A Focusing course to explore the many aspects of simplifying our lives: sorting through clutter, deciding what to keep and what to let go, sensing when it’s right to forge ahead and when it’s right to go slowly, and of course spending time with the parts of us that don’t want to do it at all!

    Great for beginners.

  • Radical Gentleness: a 5-Week Audio Course on the Inner Critic with Ann Weiser Cornell

    - by Brittany

    When your mind is a battleground and you’ve become your own worst bully, it can be hard to find peace… Are you ready to take it easier on yourself? Make your move from self-blame to inner acceptance with the Radical Gentleness Audio Set!

    Great for beginners.

  • Releasing Blocks to Action – 5-week Home Study Course

    - by admin

    Tired of telling yourself to ‘just do it’? Starting to notice how that gets you nowhere, and worse, leaves you full of shame and self-criticism? Want to find a blame-free way to move forward?

    Discover a more compassionate source of self-motivation that really works. Find out how with the Releasing Blocks to Action Audio Set!

  • New Ways to Go Forward Audio Set

    New Ways to Go Forward with Focusing – a 5-week Audio Course

    - by Shannon

    An audio course with Eugene Gendlin and Ann, created out of new practices Gene developed to help people get past stuck places. In this course, Gene and Ann explore four new ways in which Focusing can carry life forward. These are exciting new twists on the usual ways of approaching decisions, actions, therapy, meditation… and they can get us moving and expanding.

  • Reading A Process Model

    Reading A Process Model – a 5-week Audio Course

    - by Shannon

    An audio course where Eugene Gendlin and Ann guided the group in reading and discussing selections from A Process Model.

    The intention is to support you in reading and thinking from the whole book after the course is over. Included are “Guidelines for Reading Partnerships” to support you in reading with a friend.