Focusing and Daily Life

Focusing Here and Now

Focusing is a powerful process that can shift emotional stuckness into ease and balance. But it’s not always clear how Focusing can be of direct help when we’re confronted with the struggles of daily life.

That’s why I created the Focusing in Daily Life series of 90-minute seminars. Each one centers on a theme that many people are challenged by in daily life. From anger to anxiety, from loneliness to perfectionism, each one offers tips and insights that can change your daily life.

Ann Weiser Cornell

This is my way of offering you support in bringing the power of Focusing to what you face every day… especially these days.


Ann Weiser Cornell

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For anyone who wants to find more peace with challenging life experiences.


Brief, one-time seminars to help you with your daily life.


Your home, office, or anywhere you can connect.


At your convenience! Available after purchase by streaming or download (MP4).


Each seminar is just $39.

Seminars Available by Video

90-Minute Seminars
Available After Purchase By Streaming or Download (MP4)

Continuing Education Credits are not available for these seminars.

  • ~Vanessa North

    "Inner Relationship Focusing is the juiciest, most no-nonsense, boots-on-the-ground, beautiful butt kicking program ever. I'm so thrilled to have found it."

  • Nancy W.
    "When I signed up for the Healing Your Relationship with Money webinar, I wanted a bit of ease around the subject of money. The exercises Ann shared helped me see that part of me considers money to be a life and death issue. No amount of reasoning can deal with that! I used to hold my breath, hike up my shoulders, and inwardly scream about money issues, which isn't a conducive approach to sound decision making. Knowing and feeling how high the stakes are, rational or not, allowed me to find some self-compassion, break the cycle of trying to argue with myself, and provided a little breathing room so I can make better decisions going forward."
  • Micheline G.
    "I joined the Exhaustion webinar to get insights into dealing with feeling exhausted almost daily. Right away I knew this was different because I was able to be with my exhaustion just the way it was. Before it was like the word exhaustion always brought me to the same place, I was not allowing it to be how it was in the moment. Now, I pause and feel exactly how I am at the moment. I no longer go where I used to go."
  • Anne Gaudet
    "What I love about Focusing is that it's simple, not overwhelming. During the inner experience Ann facilitated on the Regret webinar, I felt a deep opening into my grief which I sensed was protected by the word "regret." As I stayed with it, I realized this particular regret was connected to my niece and nephew and a sense of grief that went back into my own childhood - what I wanted for them, what my little girl/teen wanted for herself. I am grateful I have more trust in myself and am able to create the sense of safety I so needed back then."
  • Nancy E.
    "Focusing has such a different approach - a simple, profound, body-based way of sensing into what's happening. It's a kind process. After participating in the Listening to Your Body Through Health Challenges webinar, I now have some specific ways to explore and deal with pain in the present moment."
  • Timmy McDonnell
    "BIG thank you for the webinar today, Ann. I really didn't expect we could cover so much ground - emotionally, intellectually, in awareness - in such a short course. It's reverberating in me now. Really beautiful."



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