The Jewel in the Core: Moving Through and Beyond Our Core Issues

Are there patterns in your life that just keep repeating themselves?

Do you feel like you have deep-seated issues that keep emerging in your Focusing again and again?

With this course, we’ll help you move beyond them. And if you’re a healing professional, we’ll show you how to help your clients move beyond their core repeating patterns.

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  • About the powerful life-affirming messages our recurring themes embody and the deep, life-giving needs they have been trying to fulfill
  • How we unconsciously mold our day-to-day lives to reflect our recurring themes in a way that strengthens and reinforces them and makes them difficult to unwind.

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What's Included

  • Five one-hour-and-thirty-minute meetings for a total of 7.5 hours of class time.
  • Focusing partnership in between class meetings to practice skills and exercises taught in class.
  • Access to digital recordings of every class so you’ll be able to download them and listen to anything you want to hear again.
  • A private web page where you can access homework, recordings, and other important class information from any web browser.
  • Email and/or phone support in case you have questions or need extra help.

Course Information

About the Course

Are there patterns in your life that just keep repeating themselves? Do you feel like you have deep-seated issues that keep emerging in your Focusing again and again? These recurring themes, or core issues, are held in place by strong feelings; by deeply held yet dissociated thoughts and beliefs; and by one more thing: the patterns we’ve created in the way we live our life that keep us going round in circles rather than moving toward what we really want. Join Helene Brenner as you begin to identify and explore the recurring themes and core issues that hold you back from living more fully from our Inner Voice.    Optional Readings for applications to therapy will be offered.


What We’ll Be Doing

1.  Identify deep recurring themes in your own lives, and in the case of therapists, in the lives of your clients, using powerful interactive experiential exercises.

2. Understand the vital purpose your core issues have served in your life.

3.  Listen to your own life stories and develop a new narrative that enables you to move forward rather than recycle the “same old story.”

4. Begin to notice the everyday habits that hold your recurring themes in place and start experimenting with establishing new patterns.

5.  Have the opportunity to be paired with partners to practice interactive assignments between classes.

About the Teacher

Helene Brenner:

Helene Brenner, PhD, is a Focusing-oriented therapist and trainer who has worked for 25 years as a psychologist in private practice with a very diverse clientele. She is director of Women’s Counseling and Psychological Services in Frederick, MD.

Helene is the author of I Know I’m In There Somewhere: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice Living A Life of Authenticity, (Penguin USA, 2003). She has led numerous workshops, including at the Omega Institute, Kripalu Center, and the Washington National Cathedral and conducts Following Your Inner Voice telegroups for women.

Helene shares a personal story of working through one of her own recurring patterns with Focusing...

For most of my life, I felt very uncomfortable in unfamiliar social situations. People who didn’t know me well might not have known, but often when I made a presentation, or went to a party or social group or organization where I didn’t know people very well, I felt like shying away. Once there, I frequently held back, waiting to receive proof from people that I was fully welcome and wanted before I let myself be seen, which of course resulted in me feeling awkward and out-of-place. Although I rationalized it as simply being a typical introvert, underneath I felt mystified and upset that I seemed to lose so much of my self-esteem the instant I was in a group of mostly strangers. I longed to be more relaxed and sure of myself.

Since I had been doing work with my clients on recurring themes, I began to realize that this was a recurring theme of my own – the theme of “not feeling wanted or welcome.” And I could feel that it related back to my mother, who was chronically depressed throughout my childhood. As I worked with my own recurrent pattern, I had a felt sense of how early this had started. It seemed my body was telling me how even as a baby I had tried to reach out with happiness to my mother, only to be met by her sadness and detachment. In one Focusing session, it even felt to me that I sensed being born, full of life, needing to be welcomed into the world – but my mother didn’t welcome me.

Through Focusing, I was able to connect with a sense of such deep empathy for the baby and little child I had been. There were so many ways my younger self had to shut down her exuberance in order to feel okay. She truly believed that there was something wrong with her that her desires for happy, playful, loving contact weren’t met. I could see how I was still “primed” to expect people not to welcome me, and to think that my efforts to connect and reach out would not be accepted.

Through this work, a huge shift occurred in my life over the past five years. Today I feel much more comfortable in my skin when I am with strangers, much more able to reach out and connect in an authentic way. While I might still feel a few butterflies before a speech or presentation, I no longer experience that same old feeling of “they won’t want me.” I’m joyfully taking on more public roles and taking more risks than I ever have before, which I don’t think I could have done before I worked through this major recurring theme. I look forward to sharing the process of this inner change with you during the Jewel in the Core course. My hope is that what you learn in this class will help free you from the recurring patterns and themes in your life that trouble you or hold you back, so you can be more fully “you” in the world.

Additional Information

Continuing Education Credit

Due to changes in how continuing education units are granted in California, CEUs are not provided for this workshop. We can provide you with documentation of hours and learning objectives which can be submitted for approval by your local licensing board.


Path to Lasting Change, Part One with an Inner Relationship Focusing Teacher

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What People Are Saying

  • Brigitte Pichot, Washington DC

    “Through her genuine presence, her gentle voice, her wise and compassionate heart, Helene brings to Focusing her invaluable gifts as a Master Therapist. In her Jewel in the Core Focusing class, Helene created a safe container of compassion and vulnerability that allowed me and the other participants to gently access the inner self. This Focusing class took me to a deeper level of self-understanding and self-compassion that gently transformed some old core issues. I experienced a profound shift for which I am sincerely grateful.”

    Brigitte Pichot, MA, Washington, DC

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